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An easy creative embroidery technology for patients: 

One takes a piece of canvas, divides it into fields and fills these with embroidery patterns.

Canvas and yarn must fit to each other, but, otherwise, everything is possible.

Book from Edith Blöcher:

Needlepoint Straminstickerei Musterbuch

Manual book for over 70 stitch combinations and 2 embroideries: the mirror frame and the bright carpet

Size approx. 21x21 cms

64 pages,

price: 14,21 euros

More here


embroidered with thick wool par exemple Sudan carpet wool of Scheepjes or knitting wool with approx. 70 ms / 50 gs on canvas with approx. 29 holes / 10 cms = carpet

embroidered with tapestry wool like DMC colbert embroidery wool or Anchor tapestry wool on Twist canvas with 52 or 56 holes / 10 cms

or finely embroidered with stranded cotton or pearl cotton 5 on canvas with 68 holes (Camilla), 70 holes or also 88 holes / 10 cms (Etamine Cordova) like here with the mirror frame



Here the Link to canvas and to my embroidery threads

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