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Des Crayons

Iron-on Transfer Pencil from Clover


Art. Clover 5005

Available in red and in blue.

Price: 3,60 Euro 


Written on the packaging :


IIron-on transfert pendil is used to transfer patterns to paper, fabric or wood. Used to copy patterns from one place to another.


Can easily be transfered by ironing ( 2 to 3 uses of transfers are possible.


My experience : ths pencil is very good, one can do the predrawing on grease-proof paper or tracing paper and also fine lines are visible.


Body: natural wood, core: clay, wax, pigment, cap: polystyrene.



Put tracing paper on the motive and copy it with the pencil


If it depends on the fact that the motive is not mirror-operated at the end, one must draw the sample also at the back of the tracing paper


Sign with strong line and puff surplus crumbs away.


Put the motive with the painted side downwards on the material and iron on the paper.

water soluble pencil de Clover


Art.Clover 5000

Available in white and blue.

Price: 3,30 Euro


Written on the packaging:

Water soluble pencil is suited for precise fine markings and can easily wiped off with water. Useful for creating fine lines when you're sewing. Stitching and patchwork.


How to wipe the marking off

To wipe off with water, place a dry towel or cloth underneath your project. Wet a cloth or towel and rub it carefully to wipe off the markings.


Le crayon est du bois, la mine est du son, de la cire, du pigment.


 The use of a normal pencil:


One can also trace with a normal black pencil a sample by a transparent material. But new pencils sometimes have a wax in themselves which does not let wash out any more - do therefore first a test.

white piece of chalk (no branded article) from Japan


Price: 1,- Euro

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