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Reticella Embroidery From Italy

Reticella homme / man /  Mann
Bordure au / in Reticella
Reticella femme / woman /  Frau
Chemin de table / Table runner

Reticella embroidery is a drawn work embroidery, threads are drawn out and are cut out and then in the kind of needle lace are the motifs embroidered.

Often one uses a predrawing on paper with the pattern which is put under the work.

One can take every countable fabric. The material here for the fine embroidery in the picture at the top has approximately 20 threads / cm.
 - here the Link to my fabrics

As an embroidery yarn is siutable: fine crochet yarn or  Broder Special or bobbin yarn.

And here the links to my embroidery frames and needles.

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