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Shadow Stitch Embroidery 

Shadow Embroidery


is embroidered on fine transparent material.

At the bottom of this page you see the fabric for this technique.


One embroiders herringbone stitches so that in front you see back stitches and behind the crossing threads.

- farther below you see the embroidery technology.


You can use all embroidery threads.


On embroiders with a pointed needle.

Book Schattenstich Monogramme


Monograms in schadow stitches


Publishing Book on Demand, 116 pages - many drawings of letters -. In German

dimension: 17 x 22 cm, 

price: 9,95 euros in Germany


Monograms for hankies and napkins not with luxurious flat stitches, but here with shadow stitches. Goes a lot more easy and looks very good. The content of the book are the here shown letters in each with ABC.


Available by Amazon, by me and in Germany in the bookshops.

Models book for shadow stitch embroidery

Organdi - Le point d´ombre

from Editions de Saxe


Paperback, size 21,5 x 28 cm, 80 pages + big iron on sheets;
iin french and italien language

 - no more available - 

Something more than 20 models for shadow stitch on centre pieces and pillows + manuals with a lot of pictures to different embroidery stitches and manuals to the separate models .
Themes: Mostly ornaments and blossoms + 1 fish + 1 safari.

Linen for schadow embroidery from  Weberei / Weaving Mill Weddigen Art. 121 HW


100% linen,  22 stranded -  fine, light, weich, soft - quite transparent

also suitably for linen curtains - for example in combination with a bobbin or a crocheted lace


180 cms wide, white,  price: 32,95 euros/m

Also possible for shadow embroidery are the batiste fabrics

Delicate Batiste 


100% cotton , 150 cm  wide,
quite transparent
Price: 10,- euros/m

Linen batiste    Art 18B      from Weberei Weddigen


more softly, fine, half-transparent linen

100% linen,  

white, 150 cm  widet  49,90 euros/m


A noble delicate linen material.


Glasbatist / batiste tres transparente / very transparent batiste
Reste  of very transparent batiste

very transparent, very fine, strongly finish,  vintage production, very good and special fabric!

Produced for machine embroidery of St. Gallen, Switzerland

100% cotton, ca 110 cms wide

15,- euros/m

as long as stock lasts

You can also embroider hankies with shadow embroidery - Click here - here are hakies for embroidering


I used them for my book.

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