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The rules for Crazy Quilting:


The basis is a Patchwork work. Then all seams are embroidered and all surfaces are formed.

It doesn't matter wich materials are used; It doesn't matter which yarns one use for embroidering and it is leaved of the imagination what one embroiders or sews or how one decorates  the surfaces.


I made 3 books to the subject Crazy Quilting:

 - " Crazy Quilt Sampler " with a lot of ideas to embroider the seams and surfaces,

- " Crazy Quilt mit Leinen " with ideas for smaller practical works which one can well use as presents.

- " Romantische Borten selbst machen " with instructions and ideas how one can do fitting edgings to himself.


Here is the link to to all my embroidery yarns.

Here is the link to my silk ribbons.

Book Crazy Quilt Sampler


more than 150  ideas for seams and surfaces + many tips - a wealth of ideas to design a Crazy Quilt.

Content of the book is the print of the sampler here on the right

Book 2. edition: ca 21,6 x 21,6 cm, 52 pages


Price of the 2. edition in Germany: 12,72 euros


Crazy Quilt embellishments from Edith Bloecher 


on you can buy this book in english: print 9.80 $ and ebook 6.50 $


Romantische Borten
selbst machen


The book shows approx. 40 edgings in the style of the edgings of the title page, one can produce with a simple means himself.

Book: 17x22cm, 52 pages

price: 11,79 euros

Crazy Quilt mit Leinen
einfach - edel - kreativ


19 models small works and a fundamental manual for Crazy Quilten with a lot of tips


2. edition: ca 21 x 21 cm
price in Germany: 12,72 euros

Crazy Quilt Sampler

This books are available from Amazon or from me.

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