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Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Here is the link to the silk ribbons which I have in the shop and which I offer:


silk ribbons 



Here in the pictures multicolor silk ribbons were applied by Di van Niekerk,
SouthAfrica. Unfortunately, they are no more available.


Livre / Buch  von   Edith bloecher:


Kleine Blümchen Sticken
mit und ohne Seidenbändchen


in deutsch

Preis: 12,07 Euro von mir / in Deutschland, 


Broder des Petit Fleurs
avec et sans ruban de soie


en francais

prix: 12,40Euro sur moi / Allemagne



Available by Amazon or by me

Booklet from  Edith bloecher:


Ry Embroidered Trims


in english

Price: 11,34 Euro by me / in Germany, 



Little embroidery :

Little needle fan

In the small bags one can keep embroidery needles sized, The front is decorated with an embroidery. A small nice handicrafts et and the perfect present for an embroidery friend.

Size about 4,8 x 8cms

The kit for 5,95 euros contains:

- Instruction et a page imprinted with 5 little bags, 

- Cardboard for in front and behind,

- A piece of linnen 28ct. for in front and behind,

- Double-sided adhesive sheet,

- Silk ribbon and embroidery yarn.

Or alternatively only the manual + the page imprinted with the 5 little bags
for 2,50 euros

Or for 1,25 euros only the page imprinted with the 5 little bags for the needle fan.

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