Cutwork Embroidery 

One embroiders on fine, not coutable material.


The Material:

Click hier and see my fabrics for Richelieu embroidery.


The embroidery thread: One takes stranded cotton for the underground and special embroidery / broder special for the visibly blanket stitches in different sizes - dependent on the refinement of the material.

Here the link zu Special Embroidery.


To transfer a motive to material one needs an iron on motive ou one makes this iron on motive with a transfer pencil or one traces it with a pencil.

Here the link to transfert pencils.


For Richelieu embroidery one takes a fine pointed needle.

Here the link to my embroidery needles.


12 Richelieu designs, drawn by Edith Bloecher


4 printed fabrics with Richelieu motives for center pieces.

Joannas HAFT Richelieu embroidery kits with printed fabric
Joannas HAFT Richelieu booklets with pattern sheets


Usually one applies pointed embroidery needles