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Drawn Work, Drawn Thread

 The Material:


 my fabrics 


For hemstitch and drawn work one can use every material one can pull threads.

I use 28ct linen for both samplers.

All my fabrics


my Threads:


One can use all kinds yarn. Mouliné Stranded Cotton, Pearl Cotton, Broder Special or also crochet yarns.

The thickness of the yarn should be as the fabric thread. The thread for hemstitches can be thinner.


My Needles:

I use a no point needle

2 books, written  by me 

Hohlsaum und Briefecke 

detailierte embroidery manual with a lot of pictures for

Hemstitch stitch, hemstitch corner and 

12 attractive hemstitches which one can lightly embroider.


Size ca 21 x 21 cm

Price: 10,84 Euro in Germany

I have done already 2 E-Books with the subject Hem Stitch ccorner and hemstitches. Here this booklet contains both subjects, however, encloses even more. In the meantime I learned more, the content is thereby more comprehensive. Peahole Hemstitch (the hemstitch in the middle of the cover) and  the use of Kästchenstich open new possibilities.

Who embroiders and collects embroidery manuals, simply needs a good hemstitch manual.


Weißstickerei Mustertuch

Price 12,28 Euros

ISBN-10: 149742175
ISBN-13: 987-1497422179 


Book ca 21 x 21 cm, 40 pages

Content are both samplers shown at the top with embroidery manuals.

 A book with 7 embroidery technologies to try out.



Both books are available by Amazon or by me.


Hem Stitch seam with corner

a wellknown drawn work

Embroidered open work

draw threads, bundle the remaining threads, and fill the grid by weaving a motive.

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