Rug Making by knotting  / Hooking, Stitching and Crocheting

Embroidered Rugs with Soedan / Sudan Wool


The basic material is Smyrna / rug canvas (13 holes per 10cms / 3.3 ct.) or Soudan canvas (18 holes per 10 cms) - here the link to canvas
Rug canvas: 100 cms / 39.3 inch or 200 cms / 78.7 inch wide, any length.

Embroidered with the thickest needle No1


Here is the link to the colors of the Sudan wool from Scheepjes


Here both carpets are embroidered in cross stitch after count pattern.

Be creative and embroider your favourite motive as a carpet.

Christmas Rug / Caucasus carpet


This carpet is embroidered on rug canvas with 13 holes/10 cms
with cross stitch on rug canvas.
Size: approx. 112 x 182 stitches, approx 90 x 140 cms /35,4 x 55 inch

For this rug I need 27 skeins of sudan wool, but from every color is left a little bit.

Cross Stitch Rug in Blue and White


to my own design, 112 x 182 stitches
cross stitches with Sudan wool on rug canvas.
size approx 90 x 140 cms / 35.4 x 55 inch

The Border:

For a simple border turn the supernatant canvas with the last cross stitch row downwards / behind and sew the supernatant canvas with a stable thread / crochet yarn from below to the back of the stitches.

Latch Hook Rugs
Anchor Rug Wool Cut Packs


100% wool - Pure wool

In one pack are 160 cuts of 68 mms / 2.7 inch
according to information of Anchor
- therefore one can also do the simple knot with it.

Price: 2,15 Euro /cut pack

in a bag like on the left illustrated.


The base is rug canvas with 13 holes/10cms, 3.3 ct.
available with  a width of 100 cms or 200 cms.


          Latch hook tool 3,90 Euro

One way in which one can put Jersey tapes to use:


Hooking rugs with Noodle fabric strips, cut in approx.10 cms pieces

Tape yarn of Jersey tapes:

Scheepjes Nooodle fabric tapes


50% cotton, 50% polyester, Jersey fabric tapes, ca 2,5 cms / 1 inch wide,
200g skeinswith approx. 60ms fabric tapes.


Price per skein: 4,95 euros
basic price: 100 g 2,47 euros


Crocheting Rugs with Fabric tapes

 One can crochet  rugs with Scheepjes Noodle fabric tapes. 

The light round rug is crocheted in color 089 - antique white

with 4 skeins Scheepjes Noodle in color 0089 antique white,

with crochet hook No 12,
diameter approx. 82 cms / 32 inch.


While crocheting it gets a lot of enjoyment, because it ist so easy and quilckly made and ready its a highlight! At a weekend this carpet is to be crocheted. 
Fits really to Shabby style.


One can crochet nearly every doily pattern with this thick yarn for a rug.


A pattern booklet to these crocheted carpets:


Teppiche häkeln mit Noodle Jerseystreifen

(Rugs crocheting with noodle jersey tapes) booklet in German


from Edith Bloecher


Size: approx. 21,6 x 21,6 cms / 8.5 x. 8.5 inch, 48 pages
price in Germany: 6,87 euros


The content are these 4 round crochet rugs + this at the top and one another, also 6 carpet patterns and in addition different crochet samples from which one can put together its own rug.


This booklet is published by createspace / Amazon. Its available by Amazon or by me.