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Tapestry Embroidery

Canvas is the usual material - More here

One embroiders on canvas with 40 - 50 holes/10cm, if one embroiders cross stitches with the embroidery wool the canvas can also have approx. 30 holes / 10 cms

Canvas Penelope with approx. 3,9 holes/cm

Sample: half cross stitch, the stitches are behind vertically or horizontally, in front of diagonally

White canvas with approx, 4,4 holes/cm

Sample: Petit Point stitch - worked from right to left, a stitch is stitched from left down to right up. Behind is a long oblique stitch.

Here Zweigart Tiwst an interlock canvas with approx 4,8 holes/cm, an interlock canvas with 4 holes/cm is also ok.

Sample: Here its trammed. First a thread is stretched from left to right and then its embroidered from the right to the left with Petit Point.

Advantage: One can embroider quickly.

Disadvantage: The stitches look gladly a little bit irregularly.

Advantage: The stitches are dense.

Disadvantage: One needs more yarn.

Advantage: The stitch is plastically and very close.

Disadvantage: One needs a lot of yarn.

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