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Payments and carriage


All my prices contain VAT  and other price components like it is prescribed for the sales to final comsumer.

For fabrics I indicate  prices for 1 meter, but dispatch also smaller amounts (about the whole material width) - no minimum order.


We accept: advance bank transfer or paypal.

Advance bank transfer: I tell the amount of the invoice together with my bank details.

Paypal: I arrange  request money.

As soon as the extent oft the order is known and the payment is done, goes the package to the post office..


Delivery times:


Inside Germany the delivery will take 3-5 days, Sonday and Holydays not included.

Shipment within the EU: 5-7 days to Austria, Switzerland, French, Benelux. And 14 days to Italy and Spain. With advance bank transfer one must still add approx. 3 days.

Outside the EU count on 14-day delivery time. 

Just by deliveries beyond the EU, but also within the EU I give you the tracking code, so you are able to check the status of your parcel online.


According to the valid price regulation I am obliged to indicate the delivery with exact height. However, this is worse for customer with small orders. So I indicate in the following a fixed amount for the delivery, but I am gladly ready to dispatch furthermore to the very reasonable price by German post. Packing charges do not result. The possibility for the discount payment deduction does not exist.


Delivery inside Germany:


Delivery for Paypal, credit card or advance bank transfer: The shipping fee for Germany is 7,- Euro.

I am gladly ready to dispatch smaller orders which fit after size and weight in the letter format to a lower price: Letter to 500 gs 1.60 of Euro, letter 500 gs - 1 kg 2.75 of Euro.

For orders over 90 Euro I I supply post free.


International shipments:

Attention - Shipping to Austria: Because the cost of packaging regulation of Austria in 2023 has become disproportionately expensive, I will no longer ship to Austria in the future. I am very sorry, I always had good customer in Austria, but the cost is now as high as the expected profit. Unfortunately, this is not the way to go.


The price shall be paid by andvance bank transfer or paypal. The customer pays the delivery. For orders over 90 Euro, I pay 5,- Euros of the shipment by myself.


By transfer I inform as quickest possible of the amount of the bill and of my bank details. The transfer fees are to be borne by the customer. But by the transfers SEPA within the eurocountries the costs for bank transfer not should be extra high.


International shipping charges:


The international shipment, is:


Within the EU:

little package 8,90 Euro

Package to 2 kg max. 60cm long  - 14 Euro,

package from 2 kg to 5 kg - 16,- Euro,

Package from 5 kg to 10 kg - 21 Euro 

This are the prices from DHL/Post.

Shipment to Switzerland and Grat Britain:

little package to 2kg - 12,70 Euro

package from 1 kg to 5 kg - 26,90 Euro,

Package from 5 kg to 10 kg - 35,- Euro 

This are the prices from DHL/Post.


Outside of EU  shipment for package on request.


Perhaps you would also like to come to my shop and here see the goods directly and without dispatch make purchases.

Here my address: Creativ-Galerie, das Handarbeitshaus

Grötzinger Str 71

76227 Karlsruhe


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